Thursday, 27 November 2008

What I found out today. o1o

Its Thanksgiving. I am really liking it. Nevermind the fact that I have never in my life, even once, tried the turkey dish nor pumpkin pie. I only really like the idea that people can thank with no bad feeling within. I think its cool because how often do we actually say, "hi, thanks for being here! that makes me happy!" And how ofter we forget to thank mom, neighbor, God, primary school teacher, etc...

And its a bit of a nostalgic mood around it since I am thinking who would I thank and what would I say. Not neccessarily as dramatic as during the Oscars while waving with the golden statue but still....

I think I would thank to (and sorry, for its in Lithuanian!):

Mamai už tai, kad yra, buvo ir kad žinau,kad bus
Tetei už tai, kad niekada nenuteisė ir nevisada būdamas ten, buvo
Močiutei už pamokas ir pasakas vakarais ir kūčiukus
Romukui už Europos Radiją ir nenuilstačią korespondento dūšią
Emilijai už sugrįžimą
Andriui už buvimą tuo, ką tiksliausiai galėčiau pavadinti broliu
Martynui už vakarus ir neblaivias saulutes prie operos ir baleto teatro
Sergėjui už dangaus ir skrydžio pajutimą ir
Justinai už lovą, meilę ir buvimą mano moterim (čia ne savininkiškai visai)
Jūratei už nutupdymą į realybę ir šlepetes sniege ir braižybos namų darbus
Artūrui už veido masažus ir bučinius
Annai už ramų balanso jausmą ir kantrybę
Bojana‘i už amžiną palaikymą ir tobulus brunch
Rūttai už pūkuotumą ir woo
Emil'ui už mokymą kantrybės
Jurijui už pamokas išvažiuoti neatsisveikinant, todėl niekad neišsiskiriant
Ritai už pačius gražiausius laiškus ir ramybę
Sandra‘i už buvimą beveik mama
Heidi už budizmo pamokas
Kristinai už palaikymą, pamokymą ir pagalvojimą
Alinai už draugystę ir tobulą mokėjimą niekada nepamiršt mano gimtadienio
Mantui už kantrybę ir meilę Skandinavijai
Miglei už gerus norus ir pasiūlytus pyragus
Jolitai už kantrybę ir gerą širduką
Kalle‘i už sniego jausmą
Mantui už ekstremalumą (čia kitam Mantui)
Sandrai už piešimo pamokas

The list is just taking a breath. Not stopping.

P.S. I saw two mise today in the train station. They were safely protected from the people by the rails. Two little mise... who would have though!?!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

What I found out today. oo9

It actually, to my very own surprise, be very very cold and snowy here. Litterally. On the train from Rotterdam to Den Haag I felt like on Siberian Express with the snow all over and nothing but white stuff outside the window. Real romantic in a way. But real cold to. Really need to find my mittens.

Dutch have so much bigger plethora of dairy products! My newest and happiest discovery - vla :) I know, I know, it's just dairy and how happy can you get from butter milk or vla... don't judge me! Happiness is in little things, right?!
And, especially after a very intense and exciting 'lecture' on Dutch dairy products delivered by Steven last night :)

We are not moving offices anytime soon so I will keep enjoying my trip to Schiphol Airport every morning. It's pretty charming to be working there really. Can't complain.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

What I found out today. oo8

It's already time to be writing letters to Santa Claus!

Just because I had a special request this morning (Daniel, here you go, you got it, baby...!), I will be so kind to publish his address:

Joulupukki, 96930 Rovaniemi, Napapiiri, Finland
Santa Claus, Arctic Circle, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland

picture: me making snow angels in Finland

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

What I found out today. oo7

First of all, I found out that it is European Antibiotic Awareness Day today. Pretty cool though apparently it is beging ignored in Lithuania. Wonder why...

I also found out that it is actually a bit challening to find
stuff everyday. Because sometimes one just wants to be lazy and observe the rain. And not draw any conclusions. Just to watch. You know.. Simple. Because does it mean that the world stops when we go to sleep and we will be less smart if we stop being pro-active?! I guess it would in a long term although I appreciate to stop now and again. Drink tea and watch rain drops on a semi-clean window.
Its Thanksgiving next week....

It was snowing in Lithuania yesterday!

My poor little memory card in my pink camera died. Sadly. Without even making any sounds... :( therefore this picture is from the weekend in Amsterdam.

Last and not least, its weird to notice that since I moved to the Netherlands people never get tired asking me if and what I am smoking!!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What I found out today. oo6

Aparently, it's already Christmas! -- All the Schiphol Airport is full of Christmas decorations!
Once again, I found out that life is as happy or as sad depending on your angle to look at it.. And of course, of music in your ears.. since I was riding a train and it wa
s real rainny and miserable... but oh well.. With the right music it is indeed much better...

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What I found out today. oo5

This morning I cought myself thinking how much distance actually distance people and how quickly we forget the ones we just couldn't be without?! Indeed, it sounds banal and such a cliche but oh well, banal is Chaikovsky strangleing the swan, isn't it ?!
I would love to be able to tell people that time is not the way that we should measure love or distance. Time is something we have not and therefore it has nothing to do with love or its expressions. And it makes me sad when I get told that I shouldn't miss or shouldn't feel like telling people that I love them. Because then it will get too many, too often, too much. Well, does it?! Maybe love should be like a Birkin bag - always in style?!

The other day I was reading an interview with a refugee from Somalia who ended up to be a world-known super model. She said one thing that stayed with me - people who travel a lot learn quickly that you must appreciate every moment and let people in because you never know how long you will have them arround.

Monday, 10 November 2008

What I have learned today. oo4

It can be really really windy over here!

My office is moving to a different place and THEN I will have my OWN desk and even a phone! How exciting is that... Will not have a beauty to work so close to the airport though...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

What I found out today. oo3.1

Today, once again, I found out that language is the source of misunderstandings. Just like in the book called "Little Prince". There its a talk about taming someone.... "You must be very patient," replied the fox. "First you will sit down at a little distance from me-- like that-- in the grass. I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are the source of misunderstandings. But you will sit a little closer to me, every day..."

We spend some much time looking for words and even more time looking for the right words.. It doesn't matter how many languages you know and how well you know how to express yourself, in the end, sometimes it just doesnt work... And you get stuck thinking that, indeed, words are the source of misunderstandings.

And thats what I found out tonight.


What I found out today. oo3

Today I found out that people in Amsterdam (or maybe its only tourists really...) wake up rather late - around noon.
- I am still perplexed between coffee shops and coffee shops.
- I'm in love with all the small galleries around the center and their friendly owners!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

What I found out today. oo2

Once again I found out that moving, after the actual action is over, is not as fabulous and hillarious as it may look like. Especially when you fell like everything you are and have is scattered few places. Especially if you have someone to miss... Especially then.

I found some nice places in Amsterdam though:

Friday, 7 November 2008

What I found out today. oo1

It's my second day in the Netherlands.

I found out today that sometimes nice things can't really be planned much in advanced. I met a friend I haven't seen for two years (during those he even managed to become a father of two!) and simply plan it all in 15 minutes which meant we met 5 minutes before he had to board a plane. It was short but sweet.

I also found out that people here are not so keen on chit chatting and such.

I almost found out how to use a copy slash scanning slash printing slash slash slash machine in the office. Keyword here being almost.

Discovered where the tax office is. Got a meeting there in a week. P.S. doorman at the tax office seemed to be cutely used to the clueless foreigners ;)