Tuesday, 25 November 2008

What I found out today. oo9

It actually, to my very own surprise, be very very cold and snowy here. Litterally. On the train from Rotterdam to Den Haag I felt like on Siberian Express with the snow all over and nothing but white stuff outside the window. Real romantic in a way. But real cold to. Really need to find my mittens.

Dutch have so much bigger plethora of dairy products! My newest and happiest discovery - vla :) I know, I know, it's just dairy and how happy can you get from butter milk or vla... don't judge me! Happiness is in little things, right?!
And, especially after a very intense and exciting 'lecture' on Dutch dairy products delivered by Steven last night :)


We are not moving offices anytime soon so I will keep enjoying my trip to Schiphol Airport every morning. It's pretty charming to be working there really. Can't complain.

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